Phototoxicity (OECD TG 498)

The EpiDerm Phototoxicity Assay measures acute toxic response after exposure of skin to certain chemicals and subsequent exposure to light or that is induced similarly by skin irradiation after systemic administration of a chemical substance. The test is based upon a comparison of the cytotoxicity of a chemical when tested with and without additional exposure to a nontoxic dose of UVA + visible light and is accepted by the OECD as a stand-alone in vitro phototoxicity test.


Test ModelEpiDerm
ReplicatesN=2 tissues per test condition
Exposure TimeO/N exposure to 50 µl of test article diluted in oil or H2O per tissue, followed by +/- exposure to 6J/cm2 of UVA
Assay ControlsVehicle Control – Sesame Oil/H2O
Positive Control – Chlorpromazine dose range
EndpointsMTT Tissue Viability Assay
Data Delivery% Viability relative to control

Download the EpiDerm Phototoxicity Protocol

Download the EpiDerm Systemic Phototoxicity Protocol


Results in as little as 72 hours.


Kandarova H., Liebsch M. (2017) The EpiDerm™ Phototoxicity Test (EpiDerm™ H3D-PT). In: Eskes C., van Vliet E., Maibach H. (eds) Alternatives for Dermal Toxicity Testing. Springer, Cham.

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